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Google introduces new gaming service Stadia

Google now seeks to make a name in the gaming world as it introduced its new service, Stadia, at the Game Developer Conference in San Franciso.
Google introduces new gaming service Stadia

Google introduces new gaming service Stadia

The US-based technology firm said Stadia would allow gamers to stream on any devices that support the Chromecast protocol, including iOs, Chrome OS, macOS, Windows, and Chromecast dongle. 

Stadia provide players with instant access to games without the usual process of discovering games, as they can watch a stream of a new game and just click the "join" button on the screen. 

For an instance, they can explore new games via YouTube live streaming. The platform also offers the service of Google Assistant, and built-in advertising via YouTube. 

But since this is a new and extraordinary way of playing a game, Google may have to develop more games suited for this service. 

Google said Stadia could support up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, with HDR and surround sound. For Youtube streaming, meanwhile, it would offer 4K and 60fps. 

Industry sources, however, are concerned about Stadia's demand for latency as Google has yet to reveal the needed speed for the platform. 

Gizmodo even said streaming game requires enough data to enjoy the games, involving shooting and fighting scenarios. 

Its competitor Microsoft, on the other hand, is also set to unveil its own gaming streaming service this year. 

Source: Gizmodo
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