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A new Pokemon game is coming to mobile phones, the Rumble Rush

Pokemon Rumble Rush is the latest game in the popular franchise and it is for mobile. It is something to hold off the fans while waiting for the big one scheduled for 2020.
A new Pokemon game is coming to mobile phones, the Rumble Rush
The newest Pokemon game for mobile

Pokemon Rumble Rush

The game it free-to-play with very simple premise. You are a young trainer that guides your Pokemon through a gauntlet of opponents. Controls are simple. Tap for a light attack, press and hold for a powerful attack. You capture Pokemon by swiping on the screen during battle and that's it.

Its simple and mindless fun that can be polarizing for hardcore fans. The art style and simpler gameplay seems to be aimed to a younger audience.

As a fan of the franchise, this can be good fun to kill time while waiting in line or while commuting. It is riddled with in-app transactions but doesn't seem to have a paywall (Will have to investigate further!). There are no ads too.

Compatibility will not be a problem as it only requires a Snapdragon 410 or better and Android 4.4 and higher.

If you want a simple yet fun Pokemon game then try this one. You might have to wait a bit for the official release along with the rest of the world though.

As of now, Pokemon Rumble Rush is currently exclusive to Australia. We are unsure about its global launch yet.

Source: Nintendo Soup
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