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Meet Kanda QooCam - Compact handheld 360, VR camera

The Kanda QooCam is a portable handheld 360 and 3D camera with three f/2.2 fish eye lenses. 
Meet Kanda QooCam - Compact handheld 360, VR camera
Kanda QooCam 360 and VR camera

It is a 6-inch long articulating metal rod with three fish eye lenses that can 360 or VR photos and video footage that you control via your mobile phone.

Meet Kanda QooCam 360, VR camera

Bottom side
Bottom side
rear side
Rear side
front side
Front side
port side
Port side
QooCam with Lens cover that doubles as a stand
QooCam with Lens cover that doubles as a stand

It comes in a premium rectangular box with a picture of the product, of its features and of the various product regulatory information.

Inside are the the QooCam, documentation, microfiber pouch (doubles as a microfiber wipe), microUSB to USB Type-A dongle, USB Type-C to USB Type-A dongle and microUSB to USB Type-A cable.

At first glance, the QooCam is around 6 inches tall and around an inch in diameter that feels solid and hefty in the hand but light weight. It never felt cumbersome but even though the metal is somewhat textured, we feel that under a hot day when your hands are sweaty, the QooCam may slip.

On one side are the two fish eye lens and below it is the record button with an LED indicator light that flashes when you take a picture or video. The opposite side has the power button, power LED indicator light, Wi-Fi indicator light and the third fish eye lens.

At the bottom are regulatory information and a tripod-screw mount.


QooCam in VR mode
QooCam in VR mode

To set-up the QooCam, you need to download the QooCam app from the Apple Appstore or the Google Play store. The app gives you a step-by-step instructions on how to connect to the QooCam.
Power button and Wi-Fi indicator
Power button and WiFi indicator

The QooCam app allows you to change between modes, look at your photo and video albums, transfer files from the QooCam your mobile phone, and tweak your settings.

There are three major modes: Photo, Video and Time-lapse. All three are available in 360 and VR capture mode. To switch between 360 to VR, you flip the camera half of the QooCam into an L-shape so that the dual fish eye cameras on the side will mimic the two human eyes for VR.

Aside from the album and settings, you can find the SmartClip tab that allow you to select the footage you want and add pre-made effects. One is called inception where it recreates the spinning camera motion from the Movie while Drone Zooming recreates a drone approaching the subject but requires a 3M selfie stick. There are other effects that you can try for yourself.

The photos and video footage from the QooCam in daylight are good!

The photos and video footage from the QooCam in daylight are good! The colors are vibrant with good contrast with decent sharpness. It is in low light where the QooCam struggled with strong grain and loss of sharpness. 

It charges via microUSB and its main source of storage is MicroSD. In our time with it, we used the SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB. We've never had issues of stuttering or lag with it.

When browsing or transferring a huge amount of files from the QooCam via the QooCam app, the QooCam stick does get warm.

Video Samples

Meet Kanda QooCam Specs

Camera: 3 x f/2.2 Fisheye lenses with stabilization
Video Resolutions: 3840 x 1920 at 30fps, 2880 x 1440 at 60 fps, 2160 x 1080 at 120fps
Photo Resolution: 4320 x 2160
Modes: 360 and 180 Photo, 360 and 180 Video, Livestream, Timelapse
Storage: up to 256GB via MicroSD
Battery: 2600mAh
Others: Depth Mapping, Refocus Background 
Price: PHP 23,999

Quick thoughts

The Kanda QooCam is a unique camera that allows you to capture or record moments in an entirely new way that a standard camera can't do.

It is not hindered by a square or a rectangular frame which allows for wider environmental context and breathtaking views in stills and in video. 

Our concerns with the CooCam are that it struggles in low light, it gets warm when transferring videos and there are limited accessories. (We wish it had a waterproof housing)

The QooCam app is easy to use and to navigate. It even has a feature to edit your videos to add special effects that add spice to your precious moments.

Though it does not come cheap at PHP 23,999, we think it is a great product to pick up if you want more flare in capturing life's precious moments.

Kanda QooCam is available at Henry's Professional.

Do you agree with us? What do you guys think?
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