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Netflix announces list of recommended Smart TVs

Netflix announced its recommended TVs for 2019 that can provide you the best watching experience according to their standards.
Netflix announces list of recommended smart TVs
Netflix announces list of recommended Smart TVs

2019 Netflix recommended TVs

This is an annual list of Smart TVs that provide the best performance and ease of use for Netflix and other streaming platforms. Every year, the company take it up a notch to make sure what makes the list is the cream of the crop. This year, three brands made the list namely Samsung, Sony and Panasonic.

These models will have a "Netflix Recommended TV" that denotes its passing of the company's rigorous testing. This means that these TVs can get to Netflix withing a few seconds, move quickly between apps, get the latest version of Netflix and have access to the newest features.

One of the biggest features introduced this year is the "Always Fresh" feature. It ensures that while the TV is sleeping, Netflix will stay active to refresh and make sure that it is more responsive when called upon.

Here is the initial list of 2019 Recommended TVs:

  • Q60R
  • Q70R
  • Q80R
  • Q90R
  • Q900R Series
  • The Frame devices

  • X85G/XG85 Series
  • X90G/XG90 Series
  • A9G series

Panasonic VIERA
  • GX700 Series
  • GX800 Series
  • GX900 Series

Most likely, Netflix will add more TVs in this list in the near future.

What do you guys think?
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