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OPPO looks beyond 5G and prepares for 6G!

OPPO is looking to roll out 5G products in the Philippines soon yet are already looking further with 6G.
OPPO looks beyond 5G and preps for 6G
OPPO looks beyond 5G and preps for 6G

OPPO preps for 6G

OPPO first dedicated their 5G team in 2015 where they poured in resources for research regarding standardization, R&D, and applications. Last April. OPPO launched the Reno series that included Reno 5G. In June, the Reno series is set to take the Philippine market as well.

5G is just starting to get steam in different parts of the world. Oppo is one of the front runners in this advancement. Henry Tang, OPPO's Director of Standards Research and Chief 5G scientist, discussed their future plans for connectivirt at the 53rd IEEE International Conference on Communications.

Tang said that after the launch of 5G with improving AI and telecommunications technologies continue to empower and improve each other, OPPO looks to deliver more powerful means of connectivity between humans, things and intelligence. 6G will enable more intelligent system that allows business to run largely without human intervention.

6G will be an AI-driven smart transmission according to Tang. Which means devices will be capable of sharing and conveying AI messages between each other. They already expect mountains of challenges such as performance boosts, improving speed, latency, stability, coverage, energy efficiency, accuracy and security.

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