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Synology showcase data management solutions for businesses

Synology Solution Exhibit 2019 showcased their new data management solutions at COMPUTEX 2019 in Taiwan.
Synology showcase data management solutions for businesses
Synology Robust Network Deployment

From NAS to Data Management

During the exhibition, they showcased solutions covering six key topics include the next-generation file server, modern data protection, virtualization storage and protection, robust network deployment, intelligent surveillance, and photo management solutions to help enterprises allocate resources to increase operational efficiency.
Synology Intelligent Surveillance Deployment
Synology Intelligent Surveillance Deployment

Efficiency is a big part in any global business. A company needs a seamless system for file synchronization, sharing, and collaboration. The Synology Drive is a next-generation file server that allows remote data access and customizable retention rules and a variety of mutually integrated packages. It also comes with Synology Drive Admin Console and Synology Drive ShareSync that allows user to build a data management and collaboration platform.

There are backup and recovery solutions enable flexible deployment according to the size and demand of businesses. There are public cloud and hybrid cloud solutions such as Synology C2, Synology Active Backup for Office 365 and Synology Active Backup for GSuite.

The latest version of of Synology Active Backup for Businesses support Hyper-V virtual machine backup and restore for more data protection.

Synology also offers reliable storage and protection solutions for virtual environments with the brand new UC3200 storage server. It provides uninterrupted ISCSI service and the high-performance all-flash solution, FS6400, designed specifically for I/O-intensive and latency-sensitive outages.

Synology Router Manager makes it easy for companies to monitor network status and protect Internet-connected devices from cyber attacks with its intuitive interface. Integrating deep video analytics, the all-new scalable network surveillance server, DVA3219, supports advanced video analytics, such as people counting and auto-filtering of objects inside and outside of stores, making your business environment safer and smarter.

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