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First wearable air-conditioner Sony Reon Pocket exceeded its crowdfunding target

The Sony Reon Pocket successfully hit its crowdfunding goal with 4,2000 backers who signed up the company’s First Flight platform. This is the first-ever portable air-conditioning unit, and the experiment says it could lower your body temperature by 13 degrees Centigrade.
First wearable air-conditioner Sony Reon Pocket exceeded its crowdfunding target
Sony Reon Pocket as worn inside a shirt pocket

What is the First Flight all about?

The objective of the First Flight is to grant the company’s out-of-the-box ideas an opportunity to gain attention, without undergoing the usual process of product planning.  The idea is that teams can present the device they are working on during the design stage in order to determine if it will be liked by consumers or not, then raise the capital as a final step.

This Kickstarter-style business accelerator started way back four years ago but it seems successful as Reon Pocket is now being prepared for production. The crowdfunding just opened up last week, but right now the availability is being limited by the company.

How does Reon Pocket Works?

The three-ounce device is designed to be worn between the shoulder blades so there’s a small pouch in a specific shirt. The Reon Pocket is said to create a Peltier effect which is a phenomenon when the heat is being absorbed when electric current moves between two materials. There’s a companion app that enables the user to adjust the temperature, either making it cooler or warmer. This can serve a body heater as it can raise your temperature by 8.3 degrees according to the experiments.

This device is connected via Bluetooth to your phone with an app as mentioned before. Its battery can last for 24 hours, assuming that your usage is 15 minutes at a time and 6 times frequency. Sony is promoting this device as a portable option for travelers so it’s not reasonable to compare it with a traditional air-conditioning. Reon Pocket can be fully recharged by two hours using a USB-C connection.

The Reon Pocket is expected to be officially released on March 2020 in Japan for JPY 12,760 or PHP 5,999 out of straight conversion with no taxes and duties yet. There's still no news if this will be available here in the Philippines.

What are your thoughts on this innovation?

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