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GrabFamily and GrabPet now available in Grab app

GrabFamily and GrabPet are now officially available in the Grab app, two new services cater to commuters with specific needs.
GrabFamily and GrabPet now available in Grab app
GrabFamily and GrabPet

GrabFamily and GrabPet now live

It is pricier than a normal GrabCar
It is pricier than a normal GrabCar

First off, GrabFamily is designed for families traveling by their babies that need a car seat. The maximum number of adult passengers allowed in this service is 5.

This service is very convenient for parents that want to keep their kids safer during their commute.

On the other hand, GrabPet is made for pet owners that need to travel with furry babies. This service allows for 4 passengers and one large or two small pets to book a ride.

You can see these two special services as the first two options when you try to book a GrabCar. There is a noticeable price difference when compared to the other options offered.

These two services are included in Grab's Premium services so the prices are higher than normal GrabCar bookings.

We think that the new services are great additions to Grab's offers since this show that the ride-hailing platform wants to provide the utmost convenience to the whole body of their users.

What do you guys think?

Via: Revu PH
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