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All Eyes on FaceApp: No one wary of the data policy of Facebook and Instagram

Cybersecurity issues have reemerged for the past two days because of the FaceApp's access to more than 150M users.
All Eyes on FaceApp: No one wary of the data policy of Facebook and Instagram
Facebook and Instagram's data privacy is arguably even worse than FaceApp

The concern stems from the terms and conditions where a user's name, photo, and username can be utilized or capitalized on unexpectedly.

Facebook and Instagram's data privacy is arguably even worse 

How about Facebook and Instagram? These two social media applications evidently have a wide range of users not only here in the Philippines thus it only makes sense to be critical of what kind of access we are giving them.

First, let's take a look at the terms of Facebook, but take note that they are updating this by the end of July 2019. You can find the Terms among the footer links under settings and upon clicking it you can find a section on data policy.

It specifies in detailed form what kind of data Facebook is collecting from its consumers. The app, in general, collects data to analyze consumer behavior in terms of likes, shares, and interactions with co-users for its further improvement of course.

However, users should also be wary of the information they grant facebook when it involves financial transactions. For example, you purchased a game or made an online donation, Facebook collects payment information such as credit or debit card number, account authentication, billing, delivery, and contact details. There is another tab wherein Facebook explains thoroughly how they use all kinds of information they gathered.

We go next to Instagram's Terms of Use, which can be accessed conveniently under the Privacy and Safety side navigation.

The content of its data policy is quite similar to Facebook's, including access to information regarding financial transactions.

According to Instagram, they do not own uploaded content such as photos or videos, but they can use, distribute or modify them without compensating the user. Again, this is pretty much the same as FaceApp's term.

So how does FaceApp differs from Facebook and Instagram in terms of data security?

It all boiled down to the fact that FaceApp is from Russia and by that it is ill-perceived by the Americans in general.

What do you guys think?

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