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Huawei to release 108MP +10x optical zoom camera phone in 2020?

Huawei has been known to revolutionizing camera phones in the recent years. Will it be possible for them to create a smartphone equipped with 108MP + 10x optical zoom by next year?
Huawei to release 108MP +10x optical zoom camera phone in 2020?
Huawei P30 Pro's four rear cameras

Smartphone cameras to cross 100 million pixels in 2020?

Recently, camera module manufacturers have expressed that they’ll focus more on camera lenses for high-end phones. Rumors say that Huawei is expected to lead the industry in the launching of 108MP camera lenses.

In lined with the more camera pixels mean to more possibility for a higher amount of Zooming levels such as 10X optical. Huawei and its competitors are currently emphasizing 48MP lenses. There are rumors surfacing that a 64MP enabled phone will also be introduced later this year.

However, the main challenge for higher quality images lies in storage management, which will require more size compared with the regular 4K images. On a positive note, with these higher pixels, the images will be more realistic and provide higher edit-ability to apply better image effects. 

But let's take this as a grain of salt since this is still a race on which brand will release a smartphone with these given higher pixels and 10x optical zoom. 

What do you think guys?

Source: Huawei Central
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