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Huawei 12000 40W SuperCharge Power Bank Review - Sleek, versatile, safe!

Yes, there's a lot of affordable power banks in the market with at least 5V/2.1A of speedy charging tech. You can even get some Qualcomm Quick Charge ready power banks in the under PHP 2K range nowadays. However, most of them are not like this Huawei power bank.
Huawei 12000 40W SuperCharge Power Bank Review - Quick and sleek!
Huawei 12000 40W SuperCharge Power Bank, the review!

Why? It is one of the very few in the world with Huawei-certified 40W SuperCharge charging solution. Meet the Huawei 12000 40W SuperCharge Power Bank.

At PHP 3,990, it may sound expensive for a power bank with 12,000mAh of battery capacity.

But if it could really charge your Mate 20 Pro, Porsche Design Mate, and P30 Pro as fast as its 40W power brick on-the-go, it could be worth your hard-earned cash.

Huawei even said that it can charge even some laptops with USB-C charging. Let's see it!

Here's our review!


The case
The case

The power bank arrived in a familiar white box with some of the important details about the item.
Everything inside
Everything inside

Inside, you will see the power bank itself immediately followed by the short USB-A to USB-C cable and the paper documents.

There's no case or pouch included inside to protect the power bank. For a premium device like this, it would have been better if there's a case included.

Sadly, unlike the similarly priced wireless charger, it has no SuperCharge power brick inside.

The SuperCharge USB Type-C cable and adapter package is priced at PHP 699.

Build Quality/Design

Front and back
Front and back

The power bank itself is made out of an all-plastic material with a ceramic-like finish. The unit I got is the white-colored version which is very stylish in my opinion. It is a bit prone to fingerprint smudges, but to my surprise, it is not prone to hairline scratches.

Gorgeous and pocketable design!

Huawei did a good job with its overall coating. I also like its finish and curves as it is very comfortable to hold.

Plus, despite its large 12,000mAh battery capacity, the Huawei 12000 40W SuperCharge Power Bank is not that thick at 15.5 mm and large at 135.4 x 69 mm. In comparison, my Huawei P30 Pro is 158 x 73.4 big. So, it is smaller than most modern phones.
Top view
Top view

On top, it has the USB-A port, USB-C port, 4-LED indicator, and a power key.
Bottom view
Bottom view

Below, you will see the certifications and other technical details.

There is just some heft in it like other big-battery power banks at 225.5 grams. That's fine.


It can even charge the MateBook 13!
It can even charge the MateBook 13!

Now to the exciting part! Huawei 12000 40W SuperCharge Power Bank is a pretty feature-rich type of power bank.

A safe-charging power bank with fast-charging capabilities that works even on laptops!

It has 12,000mAh of juice in total with universal compatibility (adaptive charging) which works on most phones, tablets, a lot of USB-powered gadgets, and USB-C charging ready laptops.

Moreover, the type of battery that Huawei used is more premium than most budget power banks in the market today. It uses a Lithium Cobalt Oxide type of cells which is more durable, denser, and slimmer than traditional batteries. We can't measure that now, but basically, Huawei said that it has a longer cycle life.

In particular, it has the 40W SuperCharge, PD 3.0, QC 3.0, SCP, FCP, and 5V/2.4A charging supports. 40W is super fast and it is one of the fastest charging solutions in town today.

I have two USB ports. There's a USB-A for output only and a USB-C for input/output with PD 3.0 support.

By default, SuperCharge works right off the bat for both the USB-A and USB-C ports on devices like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Huawei P30 Pro. It can charge those phones with a 4,200mAh battery to 70 percent in 30 minutes. Then, it will slow down a little for safer charging. From 0 to 100 percent, you will just need an hour to full charge the 
Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Huawei P30 Pro.

Overall, it can charge the Mate 20 Pro and P30 Pro at 100 percent for almost 3 times.

Interestingly, its fast charging mode also works with other devices that we have that have Qualcomm's Quick Charge protocol. One good example is it can charge our Mi 9T in around 90 minutes.

For other devices with proprietary charging like the OnePlus 30W Warp Charge 30 and the 45W SuperVOOC, do not expect it to be that fast. But, at least, it will still be faster than traditional power banks with 5V/2A support or slower.

For laptops, we discovered that the super-fast charging doesn't work by default using the USB-A port. Yes, it can charge the laptop, but it won't be that fast.

To enable the quick charge on the Matebook 13 and other laptops with USB PD 3.0 charging, all you need to do is use a separately sold USB-C to USB-C cable and plug it to the USB-C port of the laptop.

It still won't be that fast as versus the default chargers with a higher power of those laptops, but at least, it can light up your laptop when needed.

Charging the power bank itself is also quite fast if you have the proprietary 40W power brick, charging is under 2 hours and 30 minutes. That's super-fast for a 12,000mAh battery.

Using the standard 10W charger, charging will be slower at around 5 hours and 30 to 45 minutes from 0 to 100 percent.

Aside from the Lithium Cobalt Oxide battery type and time-saving fast-charging features, the other reason why this power bank is not as cheap versus other power banks with the same battery capacity is the safety features.

A lot of safe-charging features!

In particular, it has TÜV Rheinland certification for safety from Germany. Huawei also added a lot of protection standards such as charge low and high temperature, battery overcharge, charging overcurrent, discharge/high temperature, Type-C port overheat, battery overdischarge, discharge overcurrent, battery short-circuit, charging overvoltage protection, charging undervoltage, output overcurrent, output undervoltage, and output short-circuit.

In our experience, it doesn't get hot all. It gets a little warm, but just a little, not hot.

Pros - Slim design with a sleek profile, premium 12,000mAh LiCoO 2 type of battery, fast and versatile charging, a lot of safety features
Cons - No SuperCharge power brick included in the package, no flashlight mode, maybe the price

Huawei 12000 40W SuperCharge Power Bank Specs

Battery: 12,000mAh LiCoO 2
USB-A Output: 5V / 9V / 12V = 2A, 4.5V = 5A, 5V = 4.5A, 10V = 4A; 40W (max)
USB-C Input/Output: 5V / 9V / 12V = 3A, 15V = 2.67A, 20V = 2A, 5V = 4.5A, 10V = 4A; 40W (max)
Others: 4-LED light indicator, Colors: white, blue
Dimensions: 135.4 x 69 x 15.5 mm
Weight: 225.5 g
Price: PHP 3,990


The Huawei 12000 40W SuperCharge Power Bank is probably the ultimate power bank for Huawei users. It is slim, stylish, and versatile. I also like the fact that its SuperCharge tech is super fast and it can charge even laptops.

It even uses a higher-end type of battery capacity that should last longer than most power banks and it goes with a lot of safe-charging features for your safety.

At PHP 3,990, the price may sound high for a power bank with just 12,000mAh of juice. 

But, if you are the type of user who needs a safe power bank with a neat/portable design and Huawei's 40W SuperCharge fast-charging solution, it could be worth your hard-earned cash.

Build/Design - 4.5
Features: 4
Performance - 4.75
Average - 4.41/5
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