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Huawei refreshes Nova branding, to launch new models soon

The Nova series had a massive contribution to Huawei’s triumph over the past years as it claims its position in the aggressive smartphone market. While retaining its trademark, the Chinese tech giant is giving the series a brand new appeal this 2019.
Huawei refreshes Nova branding, to launch new models soon
New Nova branding

How Nova series entered with a blaze?

The term nova refers to a bright star that is brimming with energy and light so it fits the Nova series effect when it was launch in the Philippines. The birth of the Nova 2i and Nova 3 series supported this concept as they came with capable specs and classy designs while still being wallet-friendly.
Trendy and colorful

Nova 3i did not only lead in the Google search trends after its release in 2018 but also successfully hit a record of selling 20,000 units. Its total sale for its initial availability was worth PHP 320 million.

Geared towards the young generation of users

The Nova series is designed as a premium device for the younger generation as the phone units exhibit a sleek gradient design.

Huawei claimed that every Nova phone boasts a trendy look as refined materials like glass and metal were used for its compact built. This sophistication level is also brought in the development of its features. Fast Kirin processors and powerful graphic chips were included for enjoyable performance whether for work or gaming. The multi-lens tech of this series showcases a variety of features that can be used for expressing one’s ideas and personality.

The "InNOVAtion" that reflects Generation Z

Generation Z is the new breed of users who places importance on substance and style in their art of self-expression. The digital era has offered them a lot of choices but they are careful in selecting what is best to represent their personality and goals.

They are the primary reason which fuels Nova Series evolution to a concept in pursuing a bold and innovative lifestyle. Huawei intends to make Generation Z capable of setting the trends and explore their artistic desires. Through the Nova banner, the company is pushing them to showcase their creativity by using Nova series’ cutting-edge technology.

We will keep you posted on how Huawei will unveil this re-invigorated Nova lineup in an upcoming event.

Are you guys excited? Could the upcoming new Nova phones top the success of the Nova 3 series?
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