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LG CLOi robots: the face of future helpers

The future is here, and it is a mishmash of everything we thought it would be! While a future filled with flying cars and transport to Mars is still a pipe dream, we do have artificial intelligence, smartphones, and even robots to enjoy today.
LG CLOi robots: the face of future helpers
There's an LG CLOi Robot for your service need

LG CLOi are adorable robot helpers for the home, office, and other industries

Korean tech giant, LG, a brand that’s devoted to creating innovations to make life easier has not long ago debuted its sub-brand CLOi, pronounced Chloe.

LG has its ThinkQ line of artificially intelligent appliance for the home and CLOi is the brand’s way of taking automation to the next level. CLOi is an acronym for Clever Operating Intelligence. These robots utilize AI and machine learning to be able to assimilate, interact, think independently, and work to the behaviors and preferences of their owners better over time

While reading this may give you science-fiction-gone-wrong anxiety, the CLOi line of robot assistants are not in the least bit intimidating. If anything, they are designed to look adorable and attend to your needs accordingly.

Currently, there are seven versions of CLOi. Each serves a purpose different than the other, but all are meant to provide a helping "mechanical" hand.

LG CLOi Home

LG CLOi Home is a voice-activated digital assistant
LG CLOi Home is a voice-activated digital assistant

This digital assistant is voice-controlled allowing you to control and manage your connected smart home devices remotely. You can course through commands to CLOi Home such as switching all your smart appliances to energy-saving mode, locking your connected windows and doors, and even streaming music and weather updates. While there's not much difference from other smart home hubs, CLOi Home comes with a display face that reacts to your voice commands in varied ways.

LG CLOi CleanBot

LG CLOi CleanBot and CLOi GuideBot
LG CLOi CleanBot and CLOi GuideBot

CLOi CleanBot is a robot vacuum that efficiently and intelligently cleans the surface mess. It detects any dirt and takes action even without being commanded or programmed to do so. CLOi CleanBot can also distinguish inanimate objects and humans. If it detects dirt around a living person, it will politely ask you to step aside so it can proceed to vacuuming a dirty floor.

LG CLOi LawnBot

LG CLOi LawnBot and SuitBot

CLOi LawnBot is the smart lawnmower you thought you never needed. Like the CleanBot, it can detect obstacles and adjusts its speed accordingly. Let’s say, there’s a sprinkler or a toy in its way, instead of speeding through it and risking damage, it would slow down. It is also voice-controlled, allowing you to maneuver it around without requiring physical effort from you.

LG CLOi GuideBot and PorterBot

This digital assistant is targeted to businesses rather than homes. It is perfect for airports, hotels, or travel destinations where tourists are always in need of assistance. CLOi GuideBots purpose is simply to guide. It listens and intelligently responds to questions and inquiries in different languages. For airports, it can scan tickets of travelers and provide them direction to which gate or terminal they should be at. 

PorterBot on the other hand double duties as a guide and porter. It can carry travelers' luggage and assist them to their gate or help a guest when checking into a hotel.

LG CLOi CartBot and ServeBot

LG CLOi ServeBot
LG CLOi ServeBot

CLOi CartBot is an intelligent supermarket companion. It helps you save time doing groceries by locating the products you need for you as well as analyzing the aisles to give the most efficient route to take. Lines will also be reduced with CartBot as it automatically purchases the contents of your cart.

ServeBot, on the other hand, performs room service duties such as delivering you extra linens, towels, meals, and more in response to a voice command.

These robots are not meant to replace humans in servicing jobs, what they do is take over the menial, repetitive jobs to minimize error and allow humans to do more important things.
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