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Here are Apple iOS 13's iPhone and iPad new features!

Apple iPhone and iPad users, this article is for you as we would tackle features of the newly released iOS 13. 
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iPhone XS

Just last week, US-based Apple released iOS 13 for its iPhone and iPod touch devices, while iOS 13.1 and iPadOS have just been launch on September 24. 

Twenty-two devices support the newest software updates, Apple said. 

Here's the list of the devices: 

List of compatible devices
List of compatible devices

Let us discuss the new features. First, the update now allows users to stop unknown callers, as they will go straight to the voicemail. The update also provides quicker WiFi and Bluetooth selection without the need to open the Settings app. 

How about a 'swipey keyboard'? Apple added the capability to let users trace a word to spell it out. And this feature is called "Quickpath Typing".

Dark mode is also onboard the new update. A revamped photos app is a major plus as it now offers video-editing tools. 

Do you want to know some hidden features of the software update? The volume indicator is now gone; custom fonts are now available. 

Find My Phone and Find My Friends have been combined into a single app, dubbed as Find My. For privacy, sign in with Apple will not share your email address. 

The devices' messages apps also got support for Memoji profiles, where you can even add braces to your teeth when customizing. 

Other updates are Siri has a new voice; share music or a movie with a second pair of AirPods through Audio Sharing; portrait mode of the device's camera gains new lighting effects and can control the intensity and lighting direction. 

Have you updated your Apple devices yet? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Cnet
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