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Sophos reveals the role of corporate culture and employee education in company security

Sophos revealed the result of its study about the success of an organization's cybersecurity and what elements affect it. 
Sophos looked into the future of Cybersecurity in Asia
Sophos looked into the future of Cybersecurity in Asia

The report is called "The Future of Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific and Japan - Culture, Efficiency, Awareness".

Cybersecurity Efficiency

The study revealed that the success of cybersecurity investment relies on more than just buying technology but a combination of corporate culture, employee education and the path-to-purchase.

In the Philippines, 64 percent of business decision-makers believe that lack of security expertise is a challenge with 62 percent of them observing recruitment of skills as a struggle as well. This leads to corporate IT staff handling cybersecurity on top of their other jobs.

Three out of four organizations expect that their external security partner usage will rise over the span of the next 12 months. They are increasing the number of their partners just to fight phishing, malware, and ransomware threats.

84 percent of organizations in the Philippines are satisfied with their main security providers but expects to consider new cybersecurity solutions or strategies after serious attacks and breaches. They also are most likely to make changes to support regulatory or corporate compliance changes after an incident.

Sophos commissioned Tech Research Asia (TRA) to undertake this research into the Asia Pacific and Japan cybersecurity landscape. This includes a survey where a total of 900 responses were captured with 200 each in Australia, India, and Japan and 100 each in Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. In addition, TRA got insights from five executive roundtable events in Australia, India, Japan, and Malaysia.
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