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Yahoo Mail launches a refreshed version of its email app

Internet icon Yahoo just launched a new, refreshed version of its Mail app. It aims to improve the way people use their inboxes.
The new Yahoo Mail app
The new Yahoo Mail app

Yahoo Mail new app UI and Inbox

The new Yahoo Mail app offers a solution in organizing the clutter users receive such as non-urgent daily promotional deals. This is the main objective of the new app. To provide a personalized user experience and minimize inbox clutter.

The new Mail app introduces a feature called "Views" that groups people's messages into categories such as for Travel, Deals, and Attachments so that the inbox is more organized. There is a new one-tap unsubscribe tool to avoid email overload from newsletters.

In addition, the new Yahoo Mail app allows users to log in to their other email accounts such as Gmail and Outlook without any compromise to available features. Its part of the app's aim to be a multi-purpose inbox.

The design also saw improvements to accommodate taller mobile screens while maintaining one-hand functionality. It also has a cleaner, colorful, intuitive layout as well. Notifications can also be customized so that users can prioritize which they want to see.

Photos and files are now grouped via the new "View" feature. Every attachment will be grouped so that users can easily find them.

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