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ARM announces Mali-G57 GPU, Ethos NPU line, Mali-D37 DPU

ARM has just announced the new Mali-G57 mid-range GPU together with a lineup of Ethos branded NPUs and a DPU.
ARM announces Mali-G57 GPU, Ethos NPU line, Mali-D37 DPU
Mali-G57, a new mid-range GPU to beat

Mali-G57 GPU

The Mali-G57 GPU is a mid-range GPU that uses the Valhall architecture found on the high-end Mali-G77 GPU.

The new Mali-G57 GPU promises a 30 percent boost in performance, energy efficiency, and silicon density compared with the impressive Mali-G52. ARM also said that it doubled its texture performance to help in rendering high-resolution UIs in 4K and even 8K screens. 

It can be configured from 1 to 6 cores and it is designed to handle AR and VR apps. It also has up to 50 percent faster performance in machine learning thanks to its 2x the FMA modules.

These suggest that ARM could also make this GPU work n smart TVs and VR headsets aside from phones.

Ethos-N77, N57, and N37

Ethos NPU line
Ethos NPU line

On the other hand, the NPUs include the Ethos-N77, N57, and N37. All runs at 1GHz, but with different amounts of SRAM. The Ethos line is designed to fit entry-level to high-end smartphones and more like smart cameras and AR apps.

Ethos-N77 comes with 16 CEs and 1-4MB of SRAM that can reach 4 TOPS at 1GHz. It promises 5 TOPS/W in terms of power efficiency.

Ethos-N57 has 8 CEs while Ethos N37 has 4 CEs. Both go with 512KB of SRAM. ARM also claimed that it has lossless compression that can minimize RAM and bandwidth requirement by 1.5 to 3x.

Mali-D37 DPU


Last is the Mali-D37 DPU. It is designed to handle up to QHD+ 2880 x 1440 resolution on a smartphone. It also has optimizations for 1080p devices, HDR 10 and HLG support, and mixing HDR and SDR content without losing quality.

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