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Facebook removes more pro-Duterte and Imee Marcos pages

Facebook just announced that they have removed almost a hundred pages in the Philippines after being proved to be posting of spam and irrelevant content.
Facebook removes more pro-Duterte and Imee Marcos pages
Photo from: CNN Philippines

Facebook said 4.8 million followed at least one of the 95 pages

The American social network giant on Tuesday said it has removed 95 pages and 39 accounts as part of its ongoing efforts to protect its services from abuse.

They did not publish the entire list but some of the pages named are the following:

1. Duterte Media
2. Duterte sa Pagbabago BUKAS
3. DDS
4. Duterte Phenomenon
5. DU30 Trending News
6. Manang Imee

These pages are vocal in their support for President Rodrigo Duterte and Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos.

We don't want this kind of behavior on Facebook - and we're investing heavily in both people and technology to keep bad content off our services..., Facebook said in a statement. This takedown is a small step in the right direction, and we will continue working to find and remove more bad content.

Facebook has noted that the said pages violated Facebook's "spam and authenticity policies by encouraging people to visit low-quality websites that contain little substantive content and are full of disruptive ads."

The networking giant has also reiterated that it will keep removing accounts that break its rules.

Maybe some "pa-woke" "Dilawan" pages as well?

Source: CNN
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