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Samsung One UI 2.0 promises to improve user accessibility and experience

Samsung announces One UI 2.0 that promises to bring accessibility features like high contrast UI elements while improving the overall experience.
Samsung One UI 2.0 promises to improve user accessibility and experience
Fewer distractions in One UI 2.0

One UI 2.0 is said to be designed for users with disabilities or impairments!

Samsung says that they made it their mission to make OneUI a refined experience with less distracting elements which allows you to focus on the task or entertainment at hand. 

This is most apparent in the One UI 2 promotional video where UI elements are demonstrated to be made smaller and simpler while allegedly be easier to reach with one-handed use. New icons with animations have also been added. 
High contrast keyboards
High contrast keyboards

Samsung also says that they focused on accessibility for users with disabilities and impairments. Some of the changes the company made involved improving visibility by using high contrast elements while using UI elements with more vibrant hues. Bixby can also assist with voice commands. 

Other accessibility features include a Live Transcribe feature that converts spoken words into text and an Ambient sound amplifier that improves the audio experience from live calls.

Hopefully, this translates well in real life when the new UI from Samsung arrives for public use. There is no word yet when the update will arrive for most users but Samsung Galaxy S10 users from select countries can download and try the beta version.

The promotional video is embedded below if you want to know more:

What do you guys think?

Source: Samsung
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