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Anyone can get up to USD 7,000 if they can find bugs on OnePlus devices

OnePlus has just announced two new services to boost its cybersecurity, OnePlus Security Response Center and a partnership with HackerOne.
Anyone can get up to USD 7,000 if they can find bugs on OnePlus devices

OnePlus Security Response Center

OnePlus Security Response Center will offer a bug bounty to those who will discover and report potential threats to OnePlus' systems.

OnePlus said that it will engage academics and security professionals to responsibly discover, disclose and remediate issues that could affect the security of OnePlus' systems, and will help us proactively counter potential external threats to user security.

OnePlus encouraged to report any potential threats to its official website, Community forums, and Applications. The reports will be reviewed by its experts.

Rewards for qualifying reports range from USD 50 to USD 7,000. For the full program and standardized form for reporting security issues, visit this link.

HackerOne partnership

This partnership will allow OnePlus to tap the network of security experts from HackerOne. It will allow OnePlus to gain insights from top security researchers, academic scholars and independent experts to better uncover potential threats to its systems.

OnePlus said that a public version of the program is slated to go live later in 2020.

What do you guys think? Could this really help OnePlus have a more secured ecosystem?

Source: OnePlus
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