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Woah, Samsung's 8K QLED TV 2020 is almost bezel-less!

Ahead of CES 2020, Samsung revealed the Q950TS 8K QLED TV 2020, a flagship TV super slim design and almost no bezels.
Woah, Samsung's 8K QLED TV 2020 is almost bezel-less!
Designed to seamlessly blend in the design of your home

Wild, 99 percent of screen-to-body ratio!

Samsung hasn't revealed its screen size yet, but the company noted that it achieved the feat with the use of a new Infinity Screen. The insane thing about that is it looks like all-screen from afar with no black borders on the side.
Super thin bezels
Super thin bezels

To be exact, Samsung claimed that it has a whopping 99 percent screen-to-body ratio. Even smartphones don't have that screen ratio.

The new TV also has the company's AI Quantum chip that can upscale any content to 8K resolution.

It also goes with the OTS + (Object Tracking Sound Plus) tech designed to deliver 5.1-like surround sound even without external speakers. The company claimed that it was made possible by recognizing moving objects in the video then it will move and sync the sound in its built-in speakers.

In addition, it has the AVA (Active Voice Amplifier) to recognize ambient noise and adjust the volume of the video speaker's voice. It is designed to help users avoid missing their favorite drama lines even when the surroundings are noisy.

It will also have a "Q-Symphony" feature designed to find the best sound by using both the TV and the soundbar's speakers.

The 8K TV also has the "TV Plus" that provides more than 120 global channels for FREE, "multi view" feature for multitasking while watching TV, "Tap View" to easily mirror your smartphone tot he TV, "Digital Butler" function to recognize and control devices connected via WiFi, Bluetooth, and older devices not connected to the Internet, an optimized Bixby to Amazon, Alexa, and Google Assistant, and Samsung Health app to manage workouts and fitness content.

Samsung will showcase the new near bezel-less at CES 2020.

Source: Samsung
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