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Redmi demos In-Display fingerprint scanner on LCD

So far, the In-Display fingerprint scanning solution is only available on OLED panels because LCD doesn't allow light to pass through the display.

Redmi demos In-Display fingerprint scanner on LCD
Redmi demos In-Display fingerprint scanner on LCD

In-Display fingerprint scanner on LCD?

But, recently, Redmi General Manager Lu Weibing posted a video on Weibo showing that they made that tech possible on an LCD panel.

This means that Redmi's R&D team has overcome the problem. Weibing also said that the tech is ready for mass production.

The use of infrared high-transmittance film material greatly improves the transmittance of infrared light that could not pass through the screen. The infrared transmitter at the bottom of the screen emits infrared light. After this fingerprint is reflected, it penetrates the screen and shines on the fingerprint sensor to complete the fingerprint verifications, said Lu Weibing

The next question is when will we see this on phones. According to 91mobile's report, the upcoming Redmi K30 Pro may be the first smartphone to launch with an LCD display that has the In-Display fingerprint scanning solution. But, the handset was also speculated to launch with an OLED panel.

Anyway, this development is exciting as we might see more affordable future phones with In-Display fingerprint scanners as LCDs are more affordable than OLED panels.

Source: 91mobiles
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