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Facebook Messenger Kids arrives in 70+ countries, coming to PH soon?

Facebook Messenger Kids is a child-friendly variant of the popular Instant Messaging service from the social media giant that has arrived in 70 more countries.
Facebook Messenger Kids arrives in 70+ countries, coming to PH soon?
Facebook Messenger Kids

Protect and supervise your child's online activities

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Google Play Store listing

Originally launched in select countries in 2018, Facebook Messenger Kids was designed to be more child-friendy and secure. It features flexible controls that allowed parents to supervise their children's online activities.

9to5Mac reports that the latest update for the US version of the mobile app will get new features like Supervised Friending, Approved Adults, and Easier Connections. 

Supervised Friending allows parents to give more independence to their kids while maintaining Parental supervision with friend invitations and approvals for their children.

Approved adults allow parents to grant specified individuals with the ability to add their children into groups for easier facilitation in virtual spaces.

Easier Connections gives parents control where their children's names and photos will be visible to like in select groups or to non-contacts.

Facebook confirms on the official Help page that Messenger Kids have arrived in 70 more countries. There is no word when the new update that arrived in the US will arrive in the other 70+ countries.

The Help page also revealed that Facebook Messenger Kids is not yet available in the Philippines. However, countries near the Philippines like Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, and Japan are part of the 70 new countries where the app is now available.

Messenger Kids may arrive in the Philippines soon.

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Sources: 9to5Mac, Facebook
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