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YouTube is reportedly working on "Shorts" to challenge TikTok

YouTube is reportedly going to challenge short-form, user-generated content social media platform TikTok with "Shorts".
YouTube is reportedly working on "Shorts" to challenge TikTok
Reports say that YouTube wants to fight TikTok

YouTube Shorts vs TikTok?

The Information reports that Shorts will be a new platform where people can upload short videos with licensed music into a feed via a mobile app. The new service will take advantage of licensed music from YouTube Music's catalog.

TikTok has seen a massive 125 percent growth in the past two years. App Annie approximates that TikTok was downloaded over 842 Million for the first time from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store in the past 12 months. The social media platform works by letting people create videos with the option to choose from a selection of audio tracks or music.

YouTube has a history of developing its own version of popular features on its platform.  Examples include YouTube Music and Instagram Stories-like features on its website.

The information also says that YouTube isn't alone in challenging TikTok, Facebook has quietly developed a TikTok competitor called "Lasso" that is now being tested in Brazil.

What do you guys think?

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