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Analysts: iPhone 12 may ship without earbuds and chargers

According to analysts, Apple may be considering removing the earbuds included with the iPhone 12 retail package. This may be the same deal with charger as well.
Analysts: iPhone 12 may ship without earbuds and chargers
iPhone 11 has a charger included

iPhone 12 with no charger and earbuds included?

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo first reported that the removal of the earbuds from the iPhone 12's retail package is a possibility. Now, analysts at Barclays also say that the power brick or charger may be dropped as well.

You heard that right. The retail package may only have the iPhone 12 and the USB to Lightning charging cord in the box.

Apple is set to introduce a 20W charge with USB Power Delivery which will be sold separately. In addition. the company will also stop manufacturing the 5W and 18W power bricks.

Apple may say that this move will lessen electronic waste but analysts believe that this points to a more business-centric move.

With the inclusion of 5G in the iPhone 12, manufacturing cost went up. However, the company plans to sell it at the same launch price as the previous year's models. With earbuds and chargers being a separate purchase, this will help Apple improve margins.

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What do you guys think?

Source: MacRumors
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