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Android 11 won't have the fatal wallpaper bug anymore

A few days ago, a certain wallpaper trended for potentially bricking your smartphones. Now, an explanation came out on why this happened.
Android 11 won't have the fatal wallpaper bug anymore
Android 11 won't have the fatal wallpaper bug anymore

No more wallpaper bugs in future Android versions?

Solutions vary depending on the extent of your phone's damage. Users were able to change the wallpaper in between crashes, some deleted the wallpaper via recovery tool TWRP, but most were forced to do a factory reset,

The issue is not a new bug in Android 10 as it was also seen over the years on different devices. A month ago, there was also a report on Pixel devices experiencing a similar problem when running the Google Wallpapers app.

What exactly happened?

Speculations point to Android's color space support which the image exceeds. Davide Bianco, one of the lead developers of POSP custom ROM, provided his own take and explained the issue.

According to him, the main issue is that Android SystemUI only handles sRGB images for wallpapers. However, it does not have any check against non-sRGB wallpapers which can lead to a crash in the ImageProcessHelper class since a variable goes beyond its bounds.

The variable is called y which represents the sum of the current scanned pixel RGB values. The pixel is obtained from scanning every row and column of the greyscaled picture surface. The variable y usually maxes out at 255.

If it goes over 255 it generates an out of bounds exception which Android SystemUI treats as fatal which then led to an infinite loop of crashes every time SystemUI starts.

The report claimed that Android 11 won't have this issue anymore since it always converts any image to sRGB before it gets processed.

Practice caution and don't use the wallpaper

Now that this bug was outed expect people to use it for pranks or malicious intent. Be careful and avoid using this wallpaper.

What do you guys think?

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