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Banbros Commercial brings LIFAair to Philippine market

Banbros Commercial Inc. has recently introduced Finnish air purification brand, LIFAair, in the Philippines as the latter seeks to tap the local market. 
Banbros Commercial brings LIFAair to Philippine market
LIFAair now in the Philippines

LIFAair expands market reach through Banbros Commercial

Banbros, which is known in the distribution industry for over two decades, is now the official distributor of the products of Finland-based LIFAair.

Since 1988, LIFAair has been highlighting its expertise in providing solutions in indoor air quality and air pollutant control to residential buildings, universities, hospitals, hotels, government facilities, and demanding industrial applications. 

Marking its presence in over 50 countries, LIFAair has now expanded to the Philippines, initially offering LA500V and LA350A smart air purifiers for Filipinos.

Rigorously tested and thoughtfully designed, the LA500V and LA350A air purifiers are silent workhorses designed to clean and maintain optimum air quality in any environment.

They feature a fan that is neatly tucked away under a protective cover and the air purifier does not have any sharp edges for improved safety. The top panel allows complete control of the unit at the touch of your finger, from adjusting wind speed and power to standby mode. 

The LIFAair LA500V and LA350A monitor CO2 levels, HCHO, formaldehyde, PM2.5, and localized air quality and automatically adjust speed and cleaning to remove harmful VOCs and particulates from your indoor air.

Both products also have smart controllers with digital display, allowing users to analyze, monitor, and select the air purification solutions for your indoor needs. 

Stay tuned for the price and availability details.
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