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Facebook Manage Activity lets you bulk select, hide, and delete your old posts

Facebook introduces "Manage Activity" to allow users to sort, select, hide and delete old posts in bulk from one place.
Facebook Manage Activity lets you bulk select, hide, and delete your old posts
Hide or delete multiple posts in one place

Say goodbye to all your "drunk" posts

Facebook announces a new feature that allows users to purge their profiles of undesirable posts. Manage Activity gives users the capability to sort, select, hide, and delete past posts in bulk. This gives users the freedom to curate their Facebook presence in a more efficient way. This will greatly benefit those who are entering the job market after college or are moving on from an old relationship.

Manage Activity has a new "Archive" feature that hides selected posts to other people except for the user. Manage Activity also lets users move selected posts to the trash and will be kept there for 30 days before being deleted permanently. Users have the option of manually deleting or restoring them before the 30 days end.

Lastly, Manage Activity lets users view and manage all of their old posts at once. To ease the search for the posts, a new filter feature will allow users to sort and find the posts they specifically want to hide or delete.

The new feature is now available in Facebook Lite will roll-out on Facebook Mobile next. After that, it will be available on the desktop in the future. This new functionality will continuously be updated to ensure it meets the needs of Facebook users.

What do you guys think?

Source: Facebook, Via: GSMArena
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