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KFC Gaming teases KFConsole with 4K, 120fps, and Chicken Chamber

Kentucky Fried Chicken Gaming posted a teaser video of the upcoming KFConsole gaming console with true 4K, 120fps, and Chicken Chamber.
KFC Gaming teases KFConsole with 4K, 120FPS and Chicken Chamber
Fried Chicken bucket-shaped console

KFC enters the gaming console market?

Fast Food Giant Kentucky Fried Chicken has been diving into a variety of product categories over the years like chicken-themed Crocs, USD 10,000 Internet Escape Pods, and the famous Colonel Sanders Dating Simulator.

A recent tweet by the official KFC Gaming Twitter and Instagram Account with a caption of "The future of gaming is here. Introducing the KFConsole #PowerYourHunger" and with an attached teaser video.

In the video, KFC reveals the Fried Chicken Bucket-shaped KFConsole gaming console that promises to deliver true 4K at 120fps from its 11.0GHz "Zinger" processor chip and will deliver "cross-platform compatibility."

Lastly, the KFConsole features a built-in chicken chamber that may indicate a parody, but KFC Gaming says that more details about the console will be revealed on November 12.

Sources: KFC Gaming9To5Toys
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