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DxOMark: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip's selfie cam disappoints

Following the announcement of its back camera score last month, DxOMark has revealed the selfie camera rating of the Galaxy Z Flip today.
DxOMark: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip's selfie cam disappoints
File photo: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Tied with Galaxy A71's selfie score

Sadly, its 10MP f/2.4 single selfie camera is nowhere near the selfie performance of other Samsung high-end smartphones.
Selfie score breakdown
Selfie score breakdown

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip's only got a Photo score of 82 points and a Video score of 86 points for an average of 83 points. 

It is significantly lower than the selfie cam score of the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 10+ with 100 and 99 average scores, respectively. Obviously, it is far behind the 103 top scoring selfie score of the Huawei P40 Pro. Even the mid-range Galaxy A71 has the same 83 score.

With an overall DXOMARK Camera selfie score of 83, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip ranks in the bottom half of our database for front camera image quality. That's the same overall score as Samsung’s recent budget-friendly A71, and only a single point improvement on older flagships like Apple’s iPhone XS Max and Samsung’s Galaxy S9+, both at 82.

DxOMark noted that while it has vivid and pleasant colors as well as generally accurate exposure, it is low in detail and it out focuses faces at close range. For videos, it ha strong noise in low light and white balance errors for indoor shots.

That's a bit disappointing for a PHP 79,990 smartphone. Fortunately, you can use its main cameras as the selfie camera while on the clamshell mode through its secondary screen and by double-pressing the power key.

What do you guys think?

Source: DxOMark
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