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Xiaomi patents a smartphone design with built-in wireless earphones

A recent Xiaomi patent reveals a smartphone design with built-in earbuds and other exciting features!
Xiaomi patents a smartphone design with built-in wireless earphones
Xiaomi smartphone with built-in earphones (model on patent)

Are you eady for Xiaomi's smartphone with built-in earphones?

According to a report from LetsGoDigital, the Chinese smartphone company applied for the patent with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) which was published on July 24, 2020. The patent features a number of interesting design elements.

First, there's no notch, hole-punch, or pop-up selfie camera in sight. Instead, the smartphone will be relying on an under-screen camera. The more interesting aspect of the design is found in the two mysterious circles adorning its top. The curious holes appear at first glance to hide some sort of speaker or camera system, but the truth is that these are built-in wireless earbuds. 
Here's how it looks like (GIF from LetsGoDigital)
Here's how it looks like (GIF from LetsGoDigital)

You can imagine it by looking at the iconic S Pen on Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, but this time, Xiaomi will be housing the wireless earphones. The design is unique—when not in use, the earphones face upwards to be stored and bend to the side to fit the users’ ears.

Furthermore, the earphones can also be kept slights out of their handset’s housing to have it act as a speaker for calls. 

The smartphone in the patent features a full-screen body on the front with minimal bezels.

Unfortunately, while this design seems quite useful and appealing on paper, a few problems that would need to be considered here. It might have certain negative impacts on the device itself, like water resistance or additional battery drain.

Would you love to see the device in real life? Let us know in the comments!

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