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Apple pulls 47,000 games out of Chinese App Store

Apple removed more than 47,000 games off the Chinese App Store as tension continues to rise between the US and China.

Apple pulls 47,000 games out of Chinese App Store
File photo: iPhone XS

Apple removes thousands of apps from the Chinese App Store

Reports claim that China may be closing the loopholes Apple exploited over the years following with recent removal of thousands of apps from the Chinese App Store. The following removal of 47,000 games by Apple seems to signal a move that has been anticipated for quite a while.

The company also released a policy change that aims to eliminate a loophole that previously allowed paid games and games with in-app purchases to be sold while awaiting approval from Chinese regulators.

Back in April 2016, Chinese regulators forced Apple to shutdown iBookstore and iTunes in China. This is just 6 months after Apple launched the two stores in the country. 

Apple's App Store in China exists due to a loophole as well though. For one, Apple was able to operate its own App Store in China even when foreign app stores are usually required to be joint ventures in the country. Apple was also able to negotiate an exemption with the Chinese government to avoid sharing the iOS source code to the country.

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Source: The Verge
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