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House grants 25-year franchise to DITO Telecommunity

The House of Representatives has recently approved a bill granting a 25-year franchise to third player DITO Telecommunity.
House grants 25-year francise to DITO Telecommunity
File photo: DITO Telecommunity image

25-year franchise to operate

ABS-CBN's report said that lawmakers voted 240 to 7 approving House Bill 7332 or "An act renewing for another 25 years the franchise granted to Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company Inc., presently known as DITO Telecommunity Corp." on its third and final reading.

It also amended Republic Act No. 8627. It is the act granting DITO to construct, establish, install, maintain, and operate wire and/or wireless telecommunication systems.

To recall, DITO has been named as the official 3rd telco in the country to compete with Globe and PLDT. It is a consortium by Dennis Uy's Udenna Corp and Chelsea Logistics with China Telecom.

DITO promised to cover 37 percent of the Philippine population using 1,300 cell sites before its technical launch with an average internet speed of 27 Mbps. 

The technical launch was delayed because of the current pandemic situation. DITO claimed that the company still expects to finish 2,000 cell sites within 2020.

In comparison, Globe and PLDT so far have a combined number of 25,000 cell towers nationwide.

Source: ABS-CBN
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