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DITO Telecommunity obtains 6-month extension on technical launch

PH's official 3rd telco DITO Telecommunity received obtained a 6-month extension from the government for company's July 8, 2020, technical launch.
DITO Telecommunity obtains 6-month extension on technical launch
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6-month extension

The company cited the Coronavirus pandemic as the main reason for the delay where the government enforced strict lockdown measures that limited movements of businesses to help fight the deadly disease.

Due to the said unforeseen roadblock, DITO only has 300 operation cell sites out of the 1,300 currently being built. The company needed 1,300 sites for the technical launch.

The technical launch is the government's way to test if the third telco player can meet its committed level of services to the customers. However, it should be noted that the technical launch doesn't mean that the company can already offer its services to its customers.

DITO promised to cover 37 percent of the Philippine population and provide a minimum average internet speed of 27 Mbps with those 1,300 cell sites.

Aside from the 300 operational sites, DITO has built 500 towers and the rest are underway. The company earlier said that the company still expects to finish 2,000 cell sites within 2020.

Despite the delay, Tamano added that DITO expects to finish 2,000 cell sites within 2020.

DITO chief administrative officer Adel Tamano is still confident that the company is still on track for its March 2021 public launch.

This extension is the first of the two six (6) months grace period allowed within its 5-year commitment in case it fails to meet its deadlines.

DITO's failure to meet its commitments will allow the national government to seize its PHP 25.7 billion performance band and recall the assigned radio frequencies.

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Via: Inquirer
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