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DITO ready to deliver telco services starting 2021

Filipinos wanting to shift to third player DITO Telecommunity may have to wait until next year as its official commercial rollout has been revised to March 2021. 
DITO ready to deliver telco services starting 2021
DITO Telecommunity on track for 2021 launch

Dito readies for 2021 commercial launch

Its chief administrative officer Adel Tamano explained the March 2021 period was the original target set by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), which was contrary to the group's previous statement saying it would launch its services beginning the second quarter of this year.

In our CPCN (certificate of public convenience and necessity), the July 18, 2020 refers to our technical launch, which means that we have to have the entire network set, Tamano said.

Currently, Dito is gearing up for the technical launch of its network in July, where the national government would audit its entire infrastructure to see if the group was able to hit its committed level of services for the first year. 

By mid of this year, Dito is looking to have at least 1,600 towers. 

For its first year in the market, Dito, the challenger to Globe and PLDT, has committed to deliver 27 Mbps with 37 percent coverage. 

Source: Rappler
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