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Huawei says 5G's success relies on industry cooperation

Huawei believes that 5G's success relies on different industries working together. It has a huge potential to make working during the pandemic better.
Huawei lays down 5G deployment strategy
Huawei lays down 5G deployment strategy

Unlocking 5G's full potential

According to Huawei Rotating Chairman Guo Ping, as an ICT company, it is their responsibility to use what the company has to help contain and defeat the pandemic. Huawei developed nine scenario-based solutions that use ICT technology to help against COVID-19.

These range from hospital network deployment, remote consultation, online education, or restarting governments and businesses.

As of now, there are more than 90 million 5G users worldwide. 5G is not just a better and faster connection though. When you use it together with the other 4 major tech domains, you unlock its full potential. These domains are connectivity, AI, cloud, computing, and industrial applications.

Vertical industry applications can be replicated at scale only when unified industry standards and a collaborative ecosystem are in place.

To get a more precise deployment here are three suggestions from 5G:

  • Carries should prioritize and spend money it's needed most to maximize the value of existing networks.
  • Carriers should make the most of existing 4G and FTTx networks, and integrate them with new 5G networks through holistic coordination and precise planning.
  • 5G deployment plans should prioritize hotspots and key industry applications.

What do you guys think?
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