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AOC ranks 1 in units shipped for Q2 2020 in PH's PC monitor market

According to the International Data Corporation, AOC came out on top of PC monitor brans in terms of unit shipments in the Phillippines for Q2 2020.
AOC ranks 1 in units shipped for Q2 2020 in PH's PC monitor market
AOC Monitors ranks number 1 in the Philippines

AOC remains a trusted brand for PC monitors

AOC's success and popularity can be attributed to the company's commitment to bring high-quality monitors that could last a very long time. As technology improves, AOC always looks to move with it and produce new models that address the needs and wants of its consumers.

AOC Monitors also sponsor and support local esports tournaments to make sure that games and esports athletes get gaming-ready and gaming fast monitors. AOC has been part of esports events for the past few years.

In fact, AOC Monitors will be holding the AGON Valorant Cup in the Philippines. Valorant is an FPS game from Riot Games that is currently growing in popularity. Fast reaction is needed with every millisecond making a difference between winning and losing a gunfight. AOC can deliver high refresh rate monitors to provide you with it.

The AOC AGON G2 line of gaming monitors aim to continue the brand's delivery of top-tier performance with new technology and fast, responsive panels.

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