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LG's Interactive Digital Board could be great for virtual learning

South Korean electronics giant LG showcased how an Interactive Digital Board can be utilized for transitioning education to an online platform.
LG's Interactive Digital Board could be great for virtual learning
LG's Interactive Digital Board

Future path to smart classrooms

The pandemic certainly has a big huge impact on how people interact and almost every industry had only a few months to adapt to the drastic changes. One of the heavily affected industries is the education sector. Students and teachers were used to face-to-face learning in classrooms but they have to adjust to the new learning system.

During the EduTECH Philippines 2020 conference, presenters demonstrated how one can adapt to the new normal. This conference is originally planned to be a face-to-face event but it had to be done virtually because of the circumstances.

It serves as an example of how technology can mold the future of teaching and education. As one of the pioneers in innovation, LG Electronics joined the other 40 presenters in giving a comprehensive symposium on how to accomplish that objective.
Tool for smart classrooms
Tool for smart classrooms

The electronics giant discussion puts an emphasis on smart classrooms and how it gives an avenue for transformative learning. LGEPH Information Display Business Development Mikee de Ocampo led the talk by exploring how education is at a crossroads and technology will play an integral part in bridging the gap towards the future. 

After that, he illustrated the use of interactive screens and their role in making virtual classrooms into active learning spaces. LGEPH Managing Director Mr. Inkwun Heo shared his excitement about it by saying,

LG's Interactive Digital Board is a perfect solution for effective tele-education, with advanced touch technology and high-performance system-on-chip. LG will revolutionize the way we see education through connected collaboration, multi-directional communication, and interactive learning.

To learn more LG’s Interactive Digital Board and presentation during EduTech Virtual Summit, click here.

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