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PLDT's international cable system will conduct an emergency maintenance for 5 days

The Asian American Gateway (AAG), one of PLDT's international cable systems will conduct emergency maintenance starting tomorrow, September 25. It is estimated to take five days.
PLDT will have an emergency maintenance on internet services for five days
PLDT schedules an emergency maintenance

Possible five days of internet slow-down of broadband internet

A lot of non-essential workers are continuing their job remotely when the government placed numerous areas under community quarantine. With the work-from-home set-up, more Filipinos are depending on home internet connections and some even applied for fiber optic services.

In an advisory released through social media, the telco giant said that the Asian American Gateway (AAG), one of PLDT's international cable systems, will conduct emergency maintenance activities from 8 AM of September 25 to 5 AM of September 30, 2020.

The said cable system is a 20,000 kilometer-long fiber optic cable network. It does not only connect our country to the US but also to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Guam, and Hawaii.

Also, it supports broadband Internet and broadband applications so users should anticipate these services to be affected by the maintenance process. But PLDT guaranteed that they will provide measures to minimize the effect on the subscribers. They will also regularly update them during the operations.

To also provide its subscribers' needs for connectivity, PLDT has initiated a modernization program as a free boost for those who are still using copper-based ADSL service. The telco plans to replace them with fiber cables within the next 18 months. This modernization program is claimed to be necessary because of the increasing demand for high-speed internet access for more homes and businesses. PLDT Chairman, President, and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan explained further,

COVID-19 has set our agenda for the foreseeable future. At the outset, our task was clearly to keep people connected as the country went into lockdown. Moving forward, we will grow our business by helping our customers—and the country—rebuild their lives and livelihoods with powerful connectivity like fiber, 4G and now 5G, combined with innovative digital solutions.  

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