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vivo "Night Artist" campaign highlights X50's night photography abilities

vivo launched its "Night Artist" night photography campaign last month via social media to showcase X50's cameras.
vivo X50 Pro's camera system is designed for night photography
vivo X50 Pro's camera system is designed for night photography

vivo X50 showcased on Night Artist campaign

The campaign attracted various talented night-time photography artists in the world including award-winning photographer Chris Hau and Samuel Elkins. With the vivo X50 series, night photography is as simple as taking a normal photos.

Elkins and Hau led the campaign by utilizing the vivo X50 Pro. They both used it to take night portraits to produce great-looking photos. Elkins took his talents to Southern California to explore the Pro Sports and Astro mode of the phone which helped him produce mesmerizing photos of the Milky Way and the California night sky.

Chris Hau went and took photos in Toronto. He brought the X50 Pro to the streets for some urban photography. There are numerous entries coming from Asia, Russia, and Ukraine. In the Philippines, the campaign also drew plenty of attention. It started through the vivo "Starry Night" mobile astrophotography workshop led by MJ Magallon.

Renan Cruz emerged as the winner of the mobile astrophotography contest. He won a brand new vivo X50 Pro.

For the specs of the vivo X50 series, read here.
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