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Garmin Philippines, WellteQ team up to help against COVID-19 risk

NAVCO, the distributor of Garmin smart wearables in PH, announced a partnership with WellteQ, a digital wellbeing platform.
Garmin Philippines, WellteQ team up to help against COVID-19 risk
Garmin Philippines help in the fight against COVID-19 spread

Garmin Philippines with WellteQ

Garmin Philippines has always made it a mission to help Filipinos enhance their overall health and wellbeing in an attempt to build resistance against the current virus outbreak. The data Garmin devices collect and the mapping features they provide are invaluable in monitoring the general health and wellbeing as well as tracking changes in mental and physical wellbeing that is otherwise not visible to a non-medical professional.

Garmin's FirstBeat technology was able to determine that an increase of 8 BPM in resting heart rate equates to an increase of one degree Celsius in temperature. In turn, along with WellteQ's digital ecosystem, it makes for a cost-effective, accessible, and efficient COVID-19 defense that could help minimize the spread of the virus.

By integrating Garmin’s smart wearables and fitness trackers capabilities and features into its digital wellness platform, WellteQ extends the use case of digital wellbeing into the continuity of care. Its digital health assessment and wellbeing tools now extend past objective health risk assessment and preventative coaching into measurable action in a user’s health and wellbeing profile.

How Business can use this WellteQ's solution?

For employers, this collaboration offers an end-to-end solution for their workforce. It can span from prevention programs and wellness resistance improvement as well as disease management and home-based health monitoring. The combined solution provides employees the tools to stay active, strengthen their immune system, and maintain their fitness level during periods of lockdown in the ongoing health crisis.

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