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MOMAX Spark TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Review - Affordable AirPods alternative?

The MOMAX releases the Spark True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for budget savvy Apple users. Find out if it can live up to the AirPods standards.
MOMAX Spark TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Review - Affordable AirPods alternative?
The AirPods alternative?

Is the MOMAX Spark a good dupe for the AirPods (2nd Generation)?



Similar to the look of its charging case, the packaging also comes in a black box that banners the main features of the product–Bluetooth Version 5.0, Dual-mic Noise Reduction, and Wireless Charging Case. An authenticity code verification in the form of a sticker can also be found on the top of the box.

To open, it comes with a pull tab to reveal the charging case containing the MOMAX Spark earbuds. For someone who personally collects gadget boxes, having packages like this allows me to keep the pristine condition of the packaging, making it look nice on my shelf. 

The label inside explicitly says that the charging case should be plugged in for up to two hours before the first use since it may be discharged. Beneath the charging case is another slim box that contains the USB-C to USB cable, User Manual, Warranty Card and two extra silicone ear tips in various sizes. 

Build Quality/Design

Premium-looking case, well-made buds
Premium-looking case, well-made buds

The charging case evokes that sleek and premium feel because of its matte black finish complemented by its cover's sharp edges. While this TWS device comes in different colors, getting the black color will be a fantastic choice if you prefer timeless looking accessories. The USB Type-C port is located on the right side of the case.

The charging case evokes that sleek and premium feel

The case's flip-open design reminded me of a ring box. Resistance is present as the lid is opened. Also, it can only reach up to a 90-degree angle once opened. Four LED lights can be found below the earbuds showcasing the charging case's battery level. It produces a snappy sound when closed which to some can be pleasing to the ears.
Made with Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene for anti-squeak
Made with Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene for anti-squeak

As for the earbuds themselves, MOMAX deviated from the regular AirPods look and instead went for silicone tips and neutral bottom. The stem features a glossy finish featuring the MOMAX logo while the rest are matte. A small LED light per earbud is present to help indicate if the device is pairing or charging. Also, a hard touch key was present in each earbud allowing the user to add functions according to their liking.


Can provide an ample seal
Can provide an ample seal

As someone with small ears, the default tips on the earbuds were the right match for me. It easily snugged in my ears because of how the tips were angled towards the ear canal. It creates a perfect seal, allowing me to catch the voice of the person I'm talking to perfectly. Also, they remained intact whether I was walking away from my desk to grab a snack, or as I swivel my office chair to grab something from my bookshelf.

While the build is mainly made of plastic, it's light build enabled me to keep it on for an entire morning of online meetings without any discomfort.

It may not have an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature but the seal the silicone tips provide is ample enough to keep a user from getting distracted from the outside noise while still being aware of his/her surroundings.

The touch keys of both earbuds were a breeze to use because of its high sensitivity. I only saw one downside with it–one can accidentally tap the keys them while fixing hair or when adjusting the earbuds from time to time.


Dual-mic noise reduction for clear calls
Dual-mic noise reduction for clear calls

Since I'm basically glued to my laptop for work, I rely on my Bluetooth earbuds for music and telecon. Made with Li-Polymer, The MOMAX Spark earbuds exceeded my expectation battery-wise because I still had a 50 percent battery charge after using it the whole morning – switching between the music player and teleconference. I had to be the one to quit and store the earbuds back to its charging case in time for lunch. The earbuds can work for up to five hours without charging.

Spark can last up to 5 hours of continuous playtime!

The charging case provides a standard 2-hour charging capability. It has blinking LED lights in front of the case that served as helpful indicators in checking its charging status. It's cool how users can choose to charge the device via a USB-C port or wireless charging pad.


I appreciate how this TWS automatically goes on pairing mode once opened. The audio indicator, telling if the device is paired, connected, or disconnected from a device, also makes up for the missing pairing button.

Powered with Bluetooth 5.0, the MOMAX Spark paired with the MacBook Air and iPhone 11 Pro in just a second. Also, I was able to listen to audio with ease as I walk around the house without any cut out from the audio source.

As a product marketed towards Apple products, I would've loved the MOMAX Spark even more if I can jump from one Apple device to another with ease as it is one of AirPods' best features. I found myself disconnecting the Spark on my Macbook before pairing I can pair it with my iPhone.

Rest assured that a user will not sound muffled during calls because of its Clear Voice Call (CVC) feature. Background noises were also reduced allowing the person from the other line to hear the Spark user with clarity during voice calls.


The MOMAX Spark and the AirPods (2nd Generation)
The MOMAX Spark and the AirPods (2nd Generation)

The earbuds don bass cannons and it is so emphasized that it feels like bleeding over even into the upper ranges. Acoustic songs and vocal tracks will carry an unusual amount of weight and body to their sound, instead of the airy and piercing sound they traditionally have. It can be particularly distracting for people well-versed in how their favorite songs in acoustic sounds like since they normally have that piercing and accurate sounds of the middle-high ranges only to be met with a solid, veiled sound from these TWS.

They do one thing well, and it is the bass

These are not the accurate sound people might be looking for, but neither are they trying to market themselves as such. They do one thing well, and it is the bass, and good bass along with its TWS nature make it great workout companions and a decent on-the-go set of TWS. The amount of bass in these actually make energetic songs more, well, energetic, which is not for every occasion but fulfills a role in the entire audio ecosystem.

If you're keen on observing different distinct sounds in your favorite song, Spark may not be your best bet. Its small sound stage gives that barely-there sound separation, failing to give that next-level experience with the music that you're accustomed to listening to.

Call audio is contradictory to the MOMAX's bassy song audio sound wherein the voice sound quality plays on the treble side of things with a passing grade when it comes to vocal clarity.

Pros - Premium-looking, sturdy charging case, smaller-than-AirPods size, an audio indicator (during pairing, connecting, or disconnecting), and easily connects to both Apple and Android devices
Cons - Small soundstage, imbalanced sound mix, and inconsistent sound quality between streaming music and voice during calls

MOMAX Spark TWS Specs

Driver: 14.2mm dynamic driver
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 96dB±3dB 
Microphone: Dual mic (Omnidirectional)
Battery: 55mAh (per earbud), 500mAh (charging case) w/ 3.5W Qi wireless charging
Sensors: Proximity sensor
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, supports HFP, AVRCP, A2DP, HSP
Others: IPX4 water splash resistance, ANC, double-tap control, pop-up and pair, USB-C, Colors: carbon black, ceramic white
Dimensions: 39 x 24 x 22 mm  (per earbud), 63.5 x 51.5 x 26.5 mm (charging case)
Weight: 5.5 g (per earbud), 51 g (charging case)
Price: PHP 4,990


The Spark can be one's go-to-earbuds if they prefer a wearable audio system that's not eye-catching.

It gets the job done–whether you need a companion for your music or teleconference needs. As expected from any TWS device, it has a limited sound range but can provide ample quality as you nail your work-from-home deliverables. Deviating from the typical TWS charging case look, the device's aesthetic also gives off that sophisticated look that instantly fits your other cherished peripherals.

To answer the question in our title, yes the MOMAX Spark makes a good AirPods alternative because of its ease of use among various Apple devices, provided its price tag. However, it's still not up to par with how AirPods can make you jump from one device to another without the need of disconnecting it.

MOMAX Spark is available at Digital Walker or Home Office PH in the Philippines.

Build/Design - 4.25
Comfort/Isolation - 4.0
Battery Life - 4.25
Features - 4.0
Sound - 3.75
Average - 4.05/5
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