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PLDT is rolling out more fiber lines and more ports nationwide!

PLDT today announced that the company will be rolling out additional fiber lines and providing 500,000 more ports nationwide in the next three to six months.
PLDT is rolling out more fiber lines and more ports nationwide!
PLDT Smart boosts Davao del Norte network

To provide high-speed broadband to more Filipinos nationwide

This is to respond to the continously rising demand of more Filipinos for high-speed broadband and connectivity.
Fiber Installation Malagos Command Center
Fiber Installation Malagos Command Center

PLDT said that the challenge that the company faced during the enhanced quarantine months is the surge of internet demand as most are now staying at home.

At home, Filipinos are either doing work, studying, playing games, or watching on-demand videos.

Broadband connectivity is more important than ever, particularly in these pandemic times when more people are directed to work and study from home. That's why PLDT is ramping up its capabilities to be able to serve more Filipinos nationwide” said PLDT Chief Revenue Officer and Smart President Alfredo S. Panlilio

PLDT is rolling out more fiber, more ports in more parts of the Philippines than it has ever done before because we want to connect as many Filipino families as we possibly can to our fiber network. We have now put into place more install and repair teams so we can connect more Filipinos to the most extensive fiber infrastructure in the country, Panlilio added.

According to PLDT Senior Vice President for PLDT Home Menardo G. Jimenez, Jr., PLDT's network service teams have worked out how to operate under pandemic conditions and have been able to steadily ramp up their installation capacity.

To recall, PLDT has increased its CAPEX (capital expenditures) to PHP 70 billion in 2020 to respond to the increased demand for digital connectivity. This is on top of the PHP 260 billion capex spent in the last five years.

PLDT's investments cover different components of digital infrastructure ecosystem. It includes the ongoing modernization programs for PLDT's overseas cable systems and domestic fiber transport network. This also covers, ePLDT's network of data centers that provide vital support to, and raises the quality and resiliency of, internet and digital services in the country.

The recent result? PLDT's total fiber optic footprint grew by 19 percent from the end of 2019 to 382,500 kilometers.

Currently, it is said to be the country's most extensive digital data infrastructure.
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