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LG Philippines highlights OLED GX TV picture quality and more

With the concept "Life in Details" LG PH highlighted its latest home entertainment series, including the new OLED GX TV.
LG Philippines highlights OLED GX TV picture quality and more
Megan Young and her LG OLED GX TV experience

LG Philippines showcases OLED GX TV

The company added new appliances and devices for entertainment for the new normal such as OLED and NanoCell televisions, PL Bluetooth speakers, and UltraGear & UltraWide monitors. 

When the lockdown was imposed, the eSports industry experienced huge growth. Thus, LG thinks it's great timing to introduce the OLED GX TV for heavy gaming.

Some gamers think that using TVs for eSports is not recommended because their response time is slow. But, LG claims that its OLED technology can solve that dilemma.

Its self-lit pixels produce Perfect Black allowing LG OLED TVs to take full advantage of HDR gaming, even from the darkest to brightest image. The power of each pixel reveals all the hidden details, hints, and full-on action. 

Key players from the industry developed a mode called HGIG (HDR Gaming Interest Group) to guarantee that games are displayed exactly as the game creator planned to. As a result, HDR gaming is further improved and gives a new level of action.
Megan Young playing Animal Crossing on OLED GX TV
Megan Young playing Animal Crossing on OLED GX TV

Miss World 2013 Megan Young expressed what she likes about the LG OLED GX TV. She said,

What's amazing with LG OLED GX is that they were able to strike a delicate balance between having specs good enough for competitive gaming, without sacrificing the aspects that make it a good TV, to begin with. Normally, you have to pick between one or the other. With this new TV, all you need is there. 

The beauty queen and gaming streamer also discussed LG's newest Bluetooth speaker, the LG XBoom PL7. She said that despite its small size, the sound it produces still has a solid bass.

LG OLED GX 65" TV is priced at P 219,990.00 and is available on LG's official Lazada page
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