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Telavi Cloud announced in PH, a new cloud-based business communication solution

Telavi Cloud is now available in the PH. The cloud-based communications solution aims to help businesses and their employees adjust to the new normal.
Telavi Cloud announced in PH, a new cloud-based business communication solution
Telavi Cloud is now in the Philippines

What is Telavi Cloud?

As mentioned earlier, Telavi Cloud is a new player in the market when it comes to cloud-based communications in the country. This solution is very suitable for businesses with employees who are in a work-from-home setup.

Many businesses rely on careful planning and innovation in their bounce-back efforts. Cloud-based solutions have been one such innovation used in different business operations and processes. The cloud allows businesses to migrate their operations even when employees are operating remotely.

Telavi Cloud can forward calls directly to employees working from home. Employees can receive calls from any device including smartphones, tablets, PCs/laptops via a web browser, and IP phones. Telavi Cloud states that cloud-based telephony solutions are already being used across the globe for years now. The Philippines is already lagging behind in this instance. This is due to the concerns about the quality of internet service in the country.

Telavi Cloud emphasizes that voice calls will only consume minimal bandwidth. The company even boasts that when using its cloud-based comms video calls remained stable and clear no matter how long it became.

Telavi Cloud also eliminates the cost of deprecating technology. Physical equipment normally has a lifespan of 3 to 5 years before needing replacement. That would mean new purchases that equate to additional expenses. With Telavi Cloud, you just have to worry about your monthly subscription.

Security-wise, Telavi Cloud transmits data and stores them fully encrypted and secured. The users will be the main catalyst in securing their data on their end by not sharing access to unauthorized personnel.

Depending on your package, Telavi Cloud can provide you with features like Automated Attendant, Call Queueing, Extension Dialling, Call Waiting, and more.

Price and availability

Telavi Cloud's services are now available and are priced as follows:

Basic Voice Package - PHP 260 per user, per month (Billed Annually)
Preferred Voice Package - PHP 460 per user, per month (Billed Annually)
Call Center Basic Package - PHP 2,000 per user, per month (Billed Annually)

What do you guys think?
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