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CES 2021: LG releases Air Sous Vide Oven line!

At the CES 2021 event, LG is taking home cooking to the next level by introducing the Air Sous Vide Oven.
Air Sous Vide Oven

Air Sous Vide now possible!

It's a new line of Instaview Range ovens that come equipped with Air Sous Vide technology complete with Air Fry mode, InstaView oven door, and smart functions for a healthy and convenient culinary life at home.

LG's Air Sous Vide mode allows vacuum-sealed foods to be cooked between 100 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit (38 to 96 degrees Celsius) up to 48 hours without water.

Meanwhile, InstaView technology is similar to what they did with their Refrigerator line. Just tap the oven's glass door to visually check your cooking progress.

It also has the EasyClean tech that allows users to clean the oven with minimal effort and no chemicals in just 10 minutes by just using pure water.

LG also highlights that this has the company's ProBake Convection technology for quick and thorough cooking without preheating. It also has the Air Fry solution to deliver flavorful fried treats using significantly less oil than deep frying.

The device can also be controlled and monitored using the ThinQ app connected to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart speakers.

The South Korean tech giant also highlighted that they have partnered with SideChef, Innit, Drop, and Tovala to offer helpful culinary inspiration through the hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes on their apps.

For even more added value, the new range supports Proactive Customer Care, LG’s AI service solution. With just a smartphone and the ThinQ app, users can maintain the optimal performance and efficiency of compatible LG appliances for years to come.

LG's 2021 LG InstaView Range with Air Sous Vide are now on display at its CES 2021 booth.

There's no word regarding its official price and availability details.

We'll keep you guys posted!
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