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Reportedly, Apple will finally be adopting In-Display fingerprint for their iPhone 13 series

According to new reports, Apple will reportedly use the In-Display fingerprint scanning technology for the iPhone 13 series.
Reportedly, Apple will finally be adopting In-Display fingerprint for their iPhone 13 series
Edited photo of the iPhone 12 Pro Max with In-Display fingerprint scanner

vivo-like In-Display fingerprint scanner for Apple devices soon?

To recap, sometime in September 2013, Apple launched their fingerprint recognition technology to the world known as the "Touch ID". With this idea, apple established a trend in the smartphone industry.

In this present day, you can find fingerprint scanners even on budget Android phones.

But in the year 2017, Apple made a decision to replace their Touch ID with Face ID which is found in the iPhone X. With this, Apple ditched the home button.

The Face ID works by a set of sensors located in the wide notch of the iPhone X. Since 2017 iPhone users expressed they are missing the convenience provided by the fingerprint scanners. However, things will change again for the upcoming iPhone 13 series.

A recent report suggests that Apple will be using both the Face ID and Touch ID with their new lineup, though instead of a physical home button, Apple will finally be adopting the In-Display fingerprint scanner.

This should be similar to what vivo first did in 2018 which started a new trend in the Android world.

This was hard to implement during the days of LCD retina iPhones, but now it is easier to implement since all iPhones have an OLED display. In reality, Apple could have also used the In-Display long ago.

Mark Gurman, a reporter from Bloomberg, said that Apple's plan for iPhone 13 series will bring a critical change which is the fingerprint scanner under the OLED display. The new feature will be combined with the Touch ID and passcode enabling the users to unlock their phone with ease. This is going to be convenient for iPhone users in this Pandemic Era since all are required to wear masks and shields all the time. Aside from Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal confirmed this news too.

The Wall Street Journal expressed that two anonymous former employees of Apple revealed that the company is developing In-Display fingerprint technology and that the tech giant intends to combine the Touch ID and Face ID in the same phone.

Another employee, who reportedly participated in the development of the new Touch ID, mentioned that Apple chose to use optical sensors for their fingerprint scanner.

They believe that optical sensing is more stable compared to ultrasonic sensing. Also, Apple intends to comply with the safety standards technology for their Touch ID. We are intrigued if Apple will retain the "hardware lock" technology they used in Touch ID and hope to see it in their new in-display feature.

What are your thoughts?

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