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Apple to rollout a feature for unlocking iPhones without removing face masks

Apple recently released the first iOS 14.5 developer beta and this update will allow users to unlock their device via FaceID even with face masks on.
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This unlocking feature will only work for iPhone and Apple Watch users

As of now, using face masks continue to be a part of our new normal because of the threat from COVID-19. However, FaceID does not function when the users are wearing face masks. So if their option is unlocking their phones through their passcode that some may find it inconvenient.

With the iOS 14.5 update, there's a new option to unlock an iPhone with FaceID, but the user must pair the device with an Apple Watch. The source said the authentication from the said smartwatch adds an extra layer of security.

If the user is wearing an unlocked Apple Watch and use a FaceID, the iPhone will perform a partial face scan. After that, there will be a haptic buzz and a notification from the watch to verify that the procedure was successful. This is said to be similar to the process of unlocking a Mac computer with an Apple Watch.

The source explained that this feature should be manually enabled first before using it. Aside from that, the user can opt to lock the iPhone by using the Apple Watch. Note that the FaceID plus Apple Watch can not authenticate App Store purchases and Apple Pay payments. For these kinds of transactions, you will have to scan your full face or enter your passcode.

Apart from improving Face ID, iOS 14.5 is equipped with support for Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 controllers to iPhones and iPad. The new update brings dual-SIM 5G support and a new function for asking Siri to call emergency services.

There's also expanded compatibility for Apple's relatively new, on-demand Fitness+ workouts. Once the update is installed, the Fitness app will gain the ability to stream the audio and video of those workouts.

There's no word yet when will Apple officially make the iOS 14.5 update available so please stay tuned.

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Source: MacRumors

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