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Globe Rewards or Smart GigaPoints?

Late last year, local telco Smart finally released GigaPoints, the company's own rewards program. But, how does it compare to the Globe Rewards?
Globe Rewards or Smart GigaPoints?
Globe Rewards and GigaLife apps

To answer this question, we decided to do our homework to find out which of the two earns points easier and a wider options of rewards use. Let's see which will fit your lifestyle better. Read on.

Globe Rewards or Smart GigaPoints?

Customer Eligibility - GigaPoints is available for Smart Prepaid, Postpaid, and Bro users. Globe Rewards is available via Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, Platinum, TM, Globe At Home, Home Prepaid WiFi, and AMAX Retailers.

To start earning points - For GCash, a minimum of PHP 50 load equals 1 point. For GCash retailers, PHP 200 of CLOAD is 1 point. 1 point for Globe is equal to PHP 3.

For Smart, there's a minimum of PHP 99 load or Giga 99 to earn a point. 1 point is equivalent to PHP 1.

This suggests that Globe gives more value to telco redeemable promos, but it is not exactly comparable as rewards SKUs don't mimic mainstream construct.

For non-telco redeemable, Globe Rewards points can be used as Cash, Digital Vouchers, Donation, Discounts, and SSS items. Meanwhile, for GigaPoints, Smart said that it can be converted to Digital Vouchers soon.

To use points - Globe Rewards has a lower barrier to redeem. You only need 2 points to use Globe Rewards. Smart needs 50 points before you can use it.

For example, at Globe and TM, SURF100MB only needs 2 reward points to be redeemed. For 1GB of data, only 10 points are needed. For 

At Smart, TM, or Postpaid, to redeem GIGA VIDEO 50, you will need 50 points.
App interface of Globe Rewards and GigaLife for GigaPoints
App interface of Globe Rewards and GigaLife for GigaPoints

Globe Rewards also boasts other features like the ability to donate your points as a simple way to help those in need. It also has freebies, the ability to send gifts to family, and points that can be convertible to cash. You can even use convert to GCash and bill rebates.

Quick thoughts

The more established and mature Globe Rewards is currently better than the newly announced GigaPoints. For sure, GigaPoints will improve in time.

But at the moment, Globe Rewards is the superior rewards program. It even has its own rewards app suggesting that it is more serious in giving, unlike GigaPoints which is just a ride-on feature of the GigaLife app.

Globe Rewards simply allows subscribers to earn points faster and enjoy wider options of rewards use.

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