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Manila City Gov't and TikTok team up to launch #VaccineAlamin Campaign

A hot topic nowadays is the COVID-19 vaccine. The Manila City Government and TikTok citizens about it through the #VaccineAlamin Campaign.
Manila City Gov't and TikTok team up to launch #VaccineAlamin Campaign
TikTok, Manila City Gov't launch #VaccineAlamin

Learn about the COVID-19 vaccine through #VaccineAlamin

The #VaccineAlamin campaign was launched last February 22 via TikTok Live. #VaccineAlamin aims to boost awareness of the health benefits of immunization, and spread accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine to the public.

During the launch hosted by James Deakin, Metro Manila Mayor Isko Moreno provided an overview of what LGUs are doing to support the nationwide vaccination program. He said that their goal is not to force people to get vaccinated. Instead, they want to encourage and help educate the people for them to make an informed decision once the vaccination drive rolls out.

Fear and misinformation are two of the biggest barriers that discourage people about COVID-19 vaccines. The mayor said that people's fears stemmed from the news of isolated bad incidents as well as some misinformation about vaccines in the world that are mostly spread through the internet.

Doctor Arnold Pangan also reminded people that COVID-19 is still around and you can still be infected if precautions are neglected. He said that vaccines will be able to protect you from a severe form of COVID-19 infection.

TikTok values the safety of the entire community. That is why they jumped on the opportunity to be the platform for #VaccineAlamin to help spread awareness faster. It is easy to use and has a wide user-base.

Remember, stay safe guys! Wear your masks and practice social distancing. It is better to spread awareness than to spread the virus.

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